The Changes to CoR are now in place - Is Your Business Compliant?

Changes to the HVNL are now in place, whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or a heavy vehicle operator etc. Chain of Responsibility (CoR) makes us all accountable. In addition, there is strong focus on ‘risk management’ and ‘safety systems’, furthermore the introduction of workplace inspectors will bring significant change within the industry. With these big changes now in place, it’s a great time to make sure your house is in order, or if you haven’t already, get started on making sure your business practices meet CoR’s standards

Right now, we’re assisting our clients by removing the complexity of the CoR Legislation requirements, delivering quick, easy & effective solutions tailored directly to their business. We can provide

  1. Risk Identification,
  2. Conduct a thorough GAP Analysis designed specifically for your business
  3. Develop a ‘Report’ with all findings and recommendations; &
  4. Assist you implement within your business

But…unlike other consultants who’d be happy to bamboozle their prospects into a sale, we’re only interested in helping those organisations who “NEED” and “WANT” a simple path to meeting the new CoR legislation requirements.

We are currently offering a FREE CoR assessment. Here’s how it works. We will setup up a 15-minutes phone conversation where we’ll ask you a series of simple questions that will allow us to determine what gaps you may have in meeting the new legislation requirements.

Then, only if you request it, we’ll give you an additional FREE one-hour session where we will show you EXACTLY what you need to do to fill those gaps, the step-by-step process, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

After that, if you think it’s right for your organisation, we can look at working together to develop and implement everything your organisation needs to meet the new CoR legislation requirements.

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